For Military & Police

The iMarksman® system helps to train Police Officers to make decisions on when to shoot and the amount of shots needed to eliminate a threat.


For NRA & CCW trainers

iMarksman® helps improve trainees’ accuracy and decision-making skills.



The iMarksman® Sport system allows you to recreate USPSA/IPSC stages and make your dry fire practice more dynamic.


iDryfire Target Systems

iDryfire® is used for home (classroom) dry fire practice with a training gun or your own firearm and regular paper/carton targets.



Browse sensor cameras, training guns, and laser inserts for your own firearm for use with iMarksman® and iDryfire® systems.



Find out how to make your training more effective with our video lessons and materials.


With the iMarksman® systems, you will be able to practice with your own firearms as well as with training guns. Our dry fire laser devices will fit handguns/rifles from .22 up to .50 and 12G shotguns. Airsoft and Paintball guns will work as laser simulators with our laser dry fire insert. We offer the laser handgun simulators for the M&P Smith&Wesson and Glock. The full size simulators will fit regular-duty holsters.


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DHS Statement on the Issuance of Binding Operational Directive 17-01

13 September 2017

Binding Operational Directive (BOD) directing Federal Executive Branch departments and agencies to take actions related to the use or presence of information security products, solutions, and services supplied directly or indirectly by AO Kaspersky Lab or related entities.

European distributor

3 September 2017

We have a new European distributor: https://www.ericgrauffelonlineshop.com/en/

iMarksman to sponsor pro shooter for the 2017 IPSC world shoot in France

24 August 2017

iMarksman, a company that provides consumers with the most affordable, realistic, and innovative training systems currently available on the market, this week announced they are sponsoring pro shooter, Nils Jonasson, for the 2017 IPSC World Shoot in France. A combined effort with Partners Dog Training and Taran Tactical Innovations, the three companies are making it possible for Nills to attend the world-renowned match. “We are proud to be part of…

ILEETA 2017. A new Training Gun for Dry Fire practice

4 April 2017

ILEETA 2017. iMarksman Presents a new Training Gun for Dry Fire practice. What’s unique: a realistic, heavy weight; a short laser pulse; and a warranty for 200,000 shots.