iMarksman® Use of Force System for NRA & CCW Trainers


iMarksman® Use of Force System helps improve trainees’ accuracy and decision-making skills.

The iMarksman® systems for NRA & CCW trainers, you will be able to recreate different training programs to improve your students’ abilities to aim, to shoot, to indicate targets, and etc because accuracy and speed are the most important skills for the shooter, we designed modes with different editable scenarios creating an effective interactive environment that allows training the skills without any limits.


You can use your image or image from the internet. Simply copy the images (parking lot, shopping center, school, gas station, office, front yard, and etc.) and uploading them into the iMarksman® background folder.

Video Mode

Video Mode allows converting a regular video into a video scenario without any editing. Simply copy and paste it into the iMarksman® Video Target folder. You can also take a video from a dashboard camera in a patrol car and use it as a video scenario. The video will stop after the first shot is taken and will show the pattern of the following shots.


Random Mode

Random Mode allows you to select backgrounds and a set of targets. The targets will appear randomly (position, different size, and time frame). You can always review the history of the shots to see shot placement, the timing between the shots, and gun movement during the shooting.

Manual Mode

With Manual Mode, you will be able to select backgrounds and a set of targets. The firearm instructor will be able to control the target’s position and time frame. You will be able to review the history of shots, see shot placement, the timing between the shots, and gun movement during the training session.

Script Mode

Script Mode allows you to select backgrounds and a set of plain or live targets. The instructor will be able to make these targets “move” towards or away from you and the live targets will “talk to you”(able to assign voice file to a particular target). Each target has a ‘hitting area’, which can be programmed to take a particular number of shots before the target goes down. The number of shots for the trainee can be programmed as well. Watch YOUTUBE video

More than 120 shoot-don’t shoot targets

You can choose, set up, and control any target for each Mode. The default library contains more than 150 different targets for all types of practice.

Enhanced Video Mode (100+ video scenarios)




◉ iMarksman® Use of Force software (Enhanced Video Mode cost extra). Unlimited Warranty.
◉ iMarksman® Calibration Sensor Camera and calibration software. 1-year warranty (unlimited for software)
◉ IR Training Handgun with the trigger reset function. 1-year warranty


You will need a computer, projector, and projection screen.

The product color and shape may vary 



To operate you will need:


Laptop/Desktop Computer

Operation system:
Windows 7 / 8 / 10,
free USB-port





Projection screen

or lightly painted wall


Handgun with dry fire IR laser insert

IR laser simulator handgun/rifle (SIRT/Others). Requires a laser pulse of 30ms or longer.

Marksman Sensor Camera assembled in the USA
Disclaimer: Only two licenses per PC. An additional license is $150 EXTRA.


Additional information

Weight11 lbs