iMarksman® Games


iMarksman interactive shooting games for both kids and adults to have fun and test their shooting skills.

iMarksman Pack One includes 10 games with 3 levels of challenging targets.
Up to four shooters can compete simultaneously.
Play training pistols or dry fire laser cartridges.

iMarksman Games – Shooting fun for everyone.

1 – Full package includes: Game software
, Calibration camera and IR training pistol.
2 – Game software and Calibration camera.

3 – Game software only.


Product Description

To operate you will need


Laptop/desktop Computer

Operation system:
Windows 7 / 8 / 10,
free USB-port





Projection screen

or light painted wall


Handgun with dry fire laser insert

(LaserLyte, Laser Ammo, iDryfire®) or a laser simulator handgun/rifle (SIRT/Others) Requires a laser pulse of 30ms or longer.

Choose the best option and start your training immediately!

Additional Information

Package includes

Software + Camera + Training Handgun, Software only, Software + Camera