iMarksman® SPORT 140+ STAGES


FREE mini PC (to replace your Mac computer)



USPSA stages – 70+

IPSC stages – 20

IDPA (self-defence) like stages – 14

Army shooting Exercise – 17

Police shooting Exercise – 11

Sport shooting for pistol and Rifle – 9

Creating own Stages /exercises – UNLIMITED.

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◉ iMarksman® SPORT  software comes pre-loaded on a new Mini PC
◉ iMarksman® Calibration Sensor Camera and pre-loaded calibration software
◉ IR Training Handgun
◉ mini PC

You will need a projector and projection screen (or a light-painted wall).

The product color and shape may vary 

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iMarksman® Sport package was developed for professional shooters as well as for beginners to let them train and improve their skills.

With our portable, efficient, and user-friendly systems you will be able to recreate or design your own USPSA/IPSC stages for dry fire practices increasing your speed and accuracy at home or in the classroom.

  • No special environment required (works in regular lighted classrooms or meeting rooms)
  • Save preparation time.
  • Improve accuracy.


Physical products: 60-day warranty from purchase date. Sensor Camera 2 years.
Software Products: Unlimited.

Note on transferring/lost software licenses: If your computer gets irreparably destroyed, and you cannot uninstall/deactivate the software; you can restore the license for a discounted price ($50). Please contact our support ([email protected]) for more information.

If you would like to transfer your software license to another computer, please contact our support team ([email protected]), and we will be glad to assist you in doing so.
(Limit 5 transfers per purchase)


Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Package includes

With mini PC + Projector