iMarksman® SPORT Package

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With iMarksman Sport you will be able to recreate USPSA stages and make your dry fire practice more dynamic.

Package Includes:
◉ iMarksman® Sport software
◉ Sensor Camera and calibration software
◉ IR Training Handgun

To operate you will need a projector. The product color and shape may vary


Product Description

iMarksman® Sport package was developed for professional shooters as well as for beginners to let them train and improve their skills.

  Now you can train with your own firearm or a training gun everywhere constantly improving your shooting skills. With our portable, efficient and user-friendly systems you will be able to recreate or design your own USPSA/IPSC stages for dry fire practices increasing your speed and accuracy at home or in the classroom. The iMarksman® Sport system helps to design dry fire training program. You will be able to recreate USPSA/IPSC stages and make your dry fire practice more dynamic.  
  • Use your own real firearm.
  • No special environment required (works in regular lighted classrooms or meeting rooms)
  • Save preparation time.
  • Improve accuracy.

To operate you will need

Laptop/Desktop Computer

Operation system: Windows 7 / 8 / 10, free USB-port



Projection screen

or light painted wall

Handgun with dry fire laser insert

(LaserLyte, Laser Ammo, iDryfire®) or a laser simulator handgun/rifle (SIRT/Others) Requires a laser pulse of 30ms or longer.

Choose the best option and start your training immediately!

Additional Information

Package includes

iMarksman® SPORT Package, Software only, Software + Calibration camera