We specialize in creating cost-effective training for in-house applications that prepare your officers for a wide variety of real-life situations for the budget-conscious agency. The iMarksman® Use of Force Simulator gives law enforcement agencies and trainers an edge in effective use of force training.



Used by many professionals to increase their skills, speed, and accuracy.


Extremely Portable

You can use the system in a classroom or home / office.


User Friendly

Easy to install and operate. PC or laptop with Windows 7/8/10.

iMarksman® challenges your officers through a variety of commonly encountered scenarios derived from real-life situations.

Build skills in de-escalation, judgement, communication, officer presence, and use of force through an expansive library of simulated encounters.



Projection screen (or white wall)

Laser-enabled training device

How it Works

  • Combines a unique laser device and sensor camera to accurately detect a shot.
  • Uses an iMarksman® Training Pistol or your own firearm by simply putting a laser cartridge inside of the chamber.
  • Extends dynamic scenarios to a large screen by projecting from a computer.

  • Makes use of the personal firearm— no need to get accustomed to a new gun (Option: Training pistol);
  • Allows the user to copy footage from a local environment to make training more personal;
  • Affordable packages starting at $3,495;
  • Easy to set up, tear down and transport;
  • No unwieldy, unrealistic simulator pistols needed;
  • Allows trainers to simulate the local environment.

500+ Police, Military, and Security customers including:

  • Upper Makefield Police Department, PA
  • NE REGIONAL Police Department, PA
  • Military Training Center, Fort Sam, TX
  • National Guard, GA
  • New Horizon Security Services, VA
  • MUHLENBERG TWP Police Department, PA
  • Garrett Bureau of Investigation
  • Global Security Afghanistan
  • Tactic24 (Germany)
  • Noventa Segurança (Brazil)
  • Sabre Segurança (Brazil)
  • Army of Spain
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Price start at


Package Includes

iMarksman®Use of Force Software

(2 free licenses are included)

iMarksman®Use of Force Software

IR Sensor Camera

with mount or tripod

IR Sensor Camera

Full-size Training Gun

with realistic weight and removable magazine

Full-size Training Gun


iMarksman® is changing the Landscape of Simulated Training by developing the new method of communication between the trainer-instructor and the trainee.

Allows user to use videos as a target and additional animations that react to the trainee hitting the target.

Ability to create your own video scenarios or Download the videos from the internet and use them as scenarios.

Enchanced video scenarios
Video scenarios

Script / Manual / Random mode

The instructor determines the target positions and backgrounds.

Review shot history, see shot placement, calculate the time between shots, and measure gun movement.

Select moving or static targets. Choose the direction the subject moves and how many shots it takes to take down the target.

“LIVE” Target Images
Commercial, SPORT and Qualification Targets
Script / Manual / Random mode

Additional Options

Feedback iVest®

with accessories and Adaptive software


Training Handgun

similar to Glock 17/22

Training Handgun similar to Glock 17/22

Training Handgun

similar to M&P S&W

Training Handgun similar to  M&P S&W

AR15 Bolt

AR15 Bolt

9mm / .40 / .45 Dry fire laser cartridge

9mm / .40 / .45 Dry fire laser cartridge

12G Adopter

12G Adopter

Other Training Systems


iDryfire System

iMarksman® Sport Package

The iMarksman® Sport system helps to design dry fire training program. You will be able to recreate practical shooting stages and make your dry fire practice more dynamic.

Now you can train with your own firearm or a training gun everywhere constantly improving your shooting skills. With our portable, efficient and user-friendly systems you will be able to recreate or design your own USPSA/IPSC stages for dry fire practices increasing your speed and accuracy at home or in the classroom.

  • Use your own real firearm
  • No special environment required (works in regular lighted classrooms or meeting rooms)
  • Save preparation time
  • Improve marksmanship and decision making skills

Package Includes:

  • iMarksman® Sport sofrware
  • Sensor Camera
  • Optional items: Training Handgun, cartridges.

iDyfire® Laser Target System

iDryfire is used for home (classroom) dry fire practice with a training gun or your own firearm and regular paper / carton targets.

Practice before your qualification anywhere with the iDryfire Laser Target System. Use a training gun or your own firearm and regular paper/carton targets. Safe and effective dry fire practice is now possible anyplace you choose with our intelligent dry fire training system. No more guessing whether you are training correctly. Our system provides measurable and accurate feedback right on the screen of your device.

Available for Target Target

Package includes

  • iDryfire® Targret System sofrware
  • 2 Sensor Cameras
  • Optional items: Training Handgun, cartridges.
No need for projector;
No need for calibration.

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